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COVID-19 Community Learning Hubs

This report provides data about community-based learning hubs that were created in response to school closures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students’ Experiences with the Juvenile and Criminal Justice Systems In and Out of School: A Longitudinal Analysis of Pittsburgh Public School Students, 2010–2018

The presence of police officers in schools has become increasingly common since the practice was introduced in the 1950s. While law enforcement in schools may deter criminal behavior, it can […]

Collaboration Helps Hundreds of Allegheny County Students in Foster Care Remain in Their Home Schools

When a child is placed in a foster home, the resulting move can also mean living in a new school district. Research has shown that unplanned school changes can lead […]

The Impact of Child Welfare System Involvement on School Stability – An Evaluation of Pittsburgh Public School Students

Child welfare out-of-home placements are stressful events, compounded by the fact they may result in a youth changing schools. Research shows mid-year school changes to be disruptive both academically and […]

Improving Education and Well Being Outcomes: August 2015 Update

By the spring of 2015, 16 school districts, Propel Schools and the Allegheny Intermediate Unit had signed legal agreements with the Department of Human Services (DHS), allowing data to be […]

Sharing Data to Support Homeless Students in Allegheny County

Schools districts and human service systems define homelessness differently (as mandated by their respective regulatory and funding entities), resulting in many youth who are known to only one system. While […]

School-Based Probation in Allegheny County: Examining the Costs and Benefits

Intensive supervision programs like school-based probation are increasingly viewed as a way to generate savings to society, by preventing or reducing the likelihood of crime, as well as to improve […]

Addressing School Absenteeism

An increased focus on school attendance has led to the implementation of a number of strategies designed to reduce absenteeism and its related impact on academic outcomes. The implications of […]

Truancy Prevention Programs in Allegheny County

DHS analyzed data and conducted interviews about the services provided and outcomes achieved by two Allegheny County truancy prevention programs. This report details those activities and provides information about ways […]

ACHIEVE After-School Program

The ACHIEVE after-school program evolved from DHS’s data-sharing agreement with the Pittsburgh Public Schools and was designed as an intervention for under-performing middle school students who were also involved in […]

Human Services Involvement of Home-Schooled and Cyber Charter School-Enrolled Students in Pittsburgh Public Schools

At the end of the 2011-2012 school year, about three percent of Pittsburgh Public School students were enrolled in a cyber charter school and less than one percent of Pittsburgh […]

Improving Educational and Well Being Outcomes: August 2013 Update

In the third year of the agreement that allows the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) and Department of Human Services (DHS) to integrate data, collaboration extended beyond DHS and local school […]

Improving Educational Outcomes for Child Welfare-Involved Youth: Allegheny County’s Implementation of the Child Welfare Education Screen

In response to federal, state and local priorities, DHS implemented the Pennsylvania General and Special Education/Disability Accommodation Screen (Education Screen) in partnership with provider agencies and local school districts.  The […]

Gaps in School Achievement: Human Services Involvement in Clairton City Public Schools

In January 2012, DHS and the Clairton City School District signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to share student data. The partnership built on previous work to share data between […]

Improving Educational and Well Being Outcomes: July 2012 Update

The second year of the agreement that allows the Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) and Department of Human Services (DHS) to integrate data brought opportunities to improve school performance of children […]